January 11, 2013 in ATDC News

ATDC Launches Live Streamed Educational Events

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Can’t make it to ATDC’s next Lunch-N-Learn or Tech Talks session? Don’t sweat it. ATDC is partnering with member company Learn It Live to live stream all educational offerings this year. This means technology startups across Georgia now have access to dozens of Atlanta-based workshops and learning sessions led by seasoned veterans.

“We don’t expect every single startup to attend every single event, so this allows them the opportunity to still access those resources without having to be physically present,” said Jen Bonnett, a Community Catalyst with ATDC and Chief Chick at StartupChicks.

With the event streaming technology, ATDC will be able to broadcast events in real-time to a selected audience. This includes the Entrepreneurs Education Series, a rotation of in-depth workshops geared to early-stage members that focused on the business aspects of a startup. In addition, interested observers will be able to watch “Tech Talks,” a monthly seminar dedicated to topics important to chief technology officers, vice presidents of engineering, directors of development and developers.

“To give an idea of the breadth of this opportunity, ATDC held 68 educational events in 2012,” said Bonnett. “This year, we intend to hold at least that many, but now the content will be available via live stream for young entrepreneurs statewide.”

ATDC is also partnering with other organizations to bring the broadcast option into their facilities. Bonnett said they are currently conducting testing with ThincSavannah, a coworking space in Savannah, with other locations to follow shortly.

ATDC’s Learn It Live Channel can be viewed here.

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