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Startup Chronicles: Rigor

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Rigor At a Glance

When it comes to online retailers and company websites, speed sells. Literally.

A 2007 study conducted by ecommerce giant Amazon revealed that page loading increases of just 100 milliseconds (or 1/10th of a second) resulted in a one percent dip in sales. Google discovered similar results, with slowly loading pages blamed for a 20 percent drop in traffic and ad revenues.

One Atlanta-based startup is determined to help companies of all sizes avoid those types of costly online delays. Founded in 2010, Rigor provides a suite of performance testing, monitoring and diagnostic features that improve the speed and reliability of websites and mobile applications.

“Nobody likes waiting for slow websites. For web-based businesses, that all too familiar loading bar is more than a nuisance – it is a serious business problem,” said Craig Hyde, President & Co-Founder. “In addition, the complexity of today’s websites causes frequent performance problems and downtime in even the most sophisticated of environments. Bottom line, if your website doesn’t work, your entire business is impacted.”

The idea for the ATDC Select member company arose when Hyde – a Georgia Tech graduate and performance engineer– joined forces with David Cummings, a seasoned Atlanta entrepreneur behind the creation of several local companies including Pardot, Clickscape, SalesLoft and Hannon Hill. Their goal was to work together to simplify some of the feature-heavy, complicated tools that previously existed in enterprise performance space. The result: a unified platform that helps companies easily manage performance, as well as diagnose and fix glitches with minimal impact on the user. With today’s technology demanding efficient and effective web and mobile services, Hyde says the startup’s easy-to-use tools and best practices ultimately help improve service quality and customer retention.

Take Tempur-Pedic. When deficient website load times took a bite out of business, the mattress manufacturer turned to Rigor for help identifying the root of the problem. Based on those results, Tempur-Pedic was able to conduct optimization efforts that improved the site’s overall load time by 20 percent and boosted the average order value by 14 percent.

“We are able to take the complex performance processes that enterprise companies (like Amazon and Macy’s) have teams of people handling, simplify them, and bring them down to a level that’s affordable to small or mid-commerce companies,” said Hyde.

Rigor now has clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to startups, and is focused on financial growth and customer expansion.

“We’re growing rapidly at this point in time, and we’re working hard to increase our results from sales and marketing,” said Hyde. “We spent a lot of time making our product great – and we think it’s best in class. So our current goal now is to acquire more customers and build out our team.”

Craig Hyde

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