August 10, 2012 in ATDC News

Are you in the “middle”?

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A couple of weeks ago, I met with 2 company founders who felt, quite frankly, that they weren’t getting much value out of their ATDC memberships. As we talked, it became clear. They are in the “middle”.

They are past the stage where our Entrepreneur’s Education Series is of value to them, as they have raised their seed rounds and in some cases even have (dare I say it) paying customers. But, they are not quite ready for ATDC Select or don’t know what ATDC Select is. (Info on ATDC Select)

They may have met with a couple of Mentors or done Office Hours; but, they have businesses to run and can’t spend the time scouring the ATDC website for resources and contacts

This is what I am calling the “middle”. Are you there?

We want to hear from YOU. What are your needs? How do we help you grow? What can ATDC for you? If you are in the “middle” and want a say, please fill out the Survey (link below) and we’ll be in touch to schedule some small group meetings.



Jen Bonnett
Community Catalyst

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