July 26, 2012 in ATDC News

ATDC Forum Now Available

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Looking for insight on all things related to technology startups? Check out ATDC’s newly launched discussion forum, a free resource available to both ATDC members and the public. Although the site is in its infancy, staff intend to turn it into an in-depth, knowledge-based online channel catering to young entrepreneurs in search of ideas, answers, jobs and technical assistance.

“The point was to create a place where people can meet to discuss common problems and questions without having to be at a particular place at a particular time,” said Entrepreneur in Residence Tim Dorr, who developed the resource. “We hear a lot of the same questions from different people – and answering them each time can be inefficient. This provides an easier way to aggregate communications so we can be more effective and connect with everyone simultaneously.”

Visitors to the page will find a number of different topical forums, ranging from community news and ATDC announcements to a job board, idea exchange and tips on getting started in the industry. While anyone can participate in the online chatter, ATDC members and Select members will see extra benefits, with private discussion sections specific to their wants and questions. With a recent explosion in membership growth impacting the amount of time ATDC staff and mentors can spend with each startup, Dorr said the forum provides an ideal outlet for team outreach.

“We can’t expect every single entrepreneur to attend every single event, so this allows them the opportunity to still access those resources,” he said. “Eventually, we hope to get mentors involved and to create a knowledge-based forum for startups. The board is here to help entrepreneurs, so if there is something we can do to improve it or topics that should be added, let us know.”

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