February 9, 2012 in ATDC News

Startup Chronicles: Eggplanter

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When Jason Dyer was studying law at Georgia State University, he noticed how frustrated teachers and students would get while using the standard legal technology. The software was needlessly complex, causing user headaches and delays rather than efficiency.

“Studying law and using legal technology made me realize how much better it could be,” said Dyer, who received a Juris Doctor degree from GSU. “I’ve seen attorneys become so frustrated with the state of legal technology. It’s a profession that’s too complex and too important for clunky software.”

Dyer took those experiences and founded Eggplanter, LLC in spring 2011. The ATDC member startup pairs technology with simple, usable designs to deliver maximum value to law practices. Today’s economy demands that law firms operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. At the same time, the pressure to build relationships with new clients – and help existing ones – means attorneys must work faster than ever. The goal of Eggplanter is to partner with attorneys to create an array of unique product solutions for law students and legal firms of all sizes.

CaseCurrent, the company’s flagship product, is a professional network and attorney-to-attorney referral platform. The web-based software leverages existing networks to find new clients, build key contacts and analyze a practice’s unique business drivers all in real-time.

“Right now, you have people going on daytime television and doing advertisements to find new clients or cases,” said Dyer, who serves as Eggplanter’s CEO. “Instead, you should target referrals to attorneys that could do a good job for the client. This product provides a better way of structuring your contacts.”

Eggplanter recently began private beta testing for CaseCurrent with licensed Georgia attorneys and is set to launch a funding round for the official product launch this spring. Another solution currently under development is NoteSprout, a rapid note taking app specifically designed for law students to organize lecture notes and course outlines.

Now focused on product development and strategic partnerships, the five-person startup plans to utilize ATDC’s resources and technology guidance as they move into their next phase of growth – which will have a national scope.

“ATDC provides invaluable resources to accomplish our goal of becoming a premier legal technology incubator,” said Dyer. “We have some pretty awesome strategic partnerships that are in the works, so I’m excited to see what happens next.”

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