January 19, 2012 in ATDC News

Tips from an Entrepreneur

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A leading expert who has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies optimize their business processes, Radhika Subramanian knows a thing or two about entrepreneurial success. Now serving as CEO of Emcien – a 2008 graduate of ATDC – Subramanian will share her tips and insight at Entrepreneur’s Night this evening. Running from 6 to 7:30 pm tonight, the event provides young startups with the chance to hobnob with other industry players and hear success stories from a distinguished ATDC entrepreneur.

“I’ll discuss the entrepreneur’s journey, as well as lean startups and pivots,” said Subramanian. “A pivot is a way to change the business based on how the market/customers are responding. This is critical to convert a startup to a successful business.”

Founded in 2002, Emcien provides pattern-based analytics applications designed to solve specific business problems. Emcien’s innovation originated when Dr. Roy Marsten, a leading computational optimization expert, solved a tough problem for a leading auto manufacturer while serving as a professor at Georgia Tech in the 1990s. Subramanian said ATDC resources helped aid the company’s eventual success, providing them with crucial connections and mentors.

With nearly 20 years of entrepreneurial experience under her belt, Subramanian has a little more advice for young entrepreneurs.

“A startup is a very difficult task and is not for the light-hearted,” she said. “Pick your team wisely so that you can say, “Mission accomplished!”

Entrepreneur’s Night takes place the third Thursday of every month in ATDC Community Room 235. The networking event is free for ATDC members. Register now to attend.

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