January 12, 2012 in ATDC News

Graduate Profiles: Innovolt Experiences Surge of Success

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In recent months, Innovolt has expanded in staff size and market reach, secured licensing agreements with several prestigious Fortune Global 500 companies, and debuted a new brand and streamlined website. And if company leaders have their way, the Atlanta-based startup will see even more growth and success in the new year.

“2012 is poised to be another year of growth for Innovolt,” said Jeff Spence, president and COO of Innovolt. “We are looking at ways to expand globally and further penetrate OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).”

A 2009 graduate of ATDC, the company provides patented electronics protection for hundreds of millions of dollars of installed systems, mainly in the commercial and industrial markets. Innovolt’s core technology is the brainchild of company founder Deepak Divan, a faculty member at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech. While working in the ATDC lab in 2006, he developed a microprocessor-driven system to proactively recognize potential power disturbances that damage electronics. In other words, the technology protects electrical equipment not just from lightning, but from routine power disturbances such as sags and surges that cause equipment fatigue.

The young company is now licensing its technology in markets ranging from consumer electronics, medical technology, cable and satellite, to HVAC and control systems. A burgeoning client list includes top Fortune Global 500 firms Ricoh, Toshiba, Konica Minolta, Katun and ECi OMD.

With an affordable, functional technology that applies to a wide range of industries, Innovolt anticipates even more client growth in the near future.

“We expect to see continued expansion into the cable, medical, cloud and appliance market-segments, which will have a significant impact on financial growth in the months to come,” said Spence.

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