June 23, 2011 in ATDC News

Raising Seed Capital from Atlanta Angels

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So you’ve launched a technology startup using funds from family and friends and are now ready to present your business concept to an angel investor. How can you increase your chances of walking out of that meeting with a check in hand?

For starters, craft a concise executive summary and an effective 12-to 20-page PowerPoint presentation that can quickly be pitched at the right opportunity. And preparation is key.

“The more times you practice that pitch, and learn from the experience, the better you will be when you’re standing in front of someone that has the capacity to write a check.” said Tarby Bryant, CEO of The Gathering of Angels.

Bryant will share seed capital insight and tips during ATDC’s next brown bag session on July 12. Topics will include what local angels look for in a seed investment, as well as what issues need to be addressed with potential investors such as unfair competitive advantage, building a strong management team and advisors, use of funds and exit strategies for early investors.

A past president of the Atlanta Economic Development Corporation, Bryant now runs The Gathering of Angels, a monthly meeting of private, high net-worth investors dedicated to providing first stage seed level and angel capital financing to startup firms. Since 1996, the organization has facilitated more than 375 seed and early-stage fundings.

During the brown bag session, Bryant will also discuss networking opportunities and where to find local angels. For example, some young entrepreneurs with a good golf swing might want to head to the closest course.

“There are a lot of check-writing angels that play golf on a regular basis,” said Bryant.

Registration is now open for the event, which runs from 11:45 am to 1 pm in the ATDC Community Room.

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