June 4, 2011 in ATDC News

Random Hacks of Kindness rocks the ATDC

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ATDC and the Georgia Tech Research Institute are co-sponsoring Random Hacks of Kindness Atlanta going on today at the ATDC. Over 40 developers, designers, project managers and subject matter experts convened on Friday. Seven pitches were made to the group for hacks to benefit humanity. Six of the projects were picked up and are all well underway and on track to be ready by the end of the 24-hour hackathon.

Here are the projects being developed:

Good Samaritan
A mobile app for people who need help. Not for life threatening situation, but if you have a flat tire, get lost or an injury. Notifies people nearby you that you need help.

Email alert to people in advance of an impending disaster such as a tornado, fire or earthquake. Adds a layer on top of existing emergency notifications. Includes instructions to people on how best to protect themselves.

Message Carrier
A web app to transmit messages out of a disaster area when phone and internet connectivity is lost. Works by passing and aggregating messages person-to-person until someone reaches a connection and can upload the messages to be sent.

A place for people to volunteer to help after a disaster occurs.

Tracking system for relief supplies. Confirms delivery of supplies to those who need it.

WGACA Happens
Developing a platform on which game developers can create games teaching people how to survive natural disasters. The first game will focus on how to survive when water supplies are impacted.

Thanks to everyone who is here committing their time to helping. And to our sponsors of the event – Bright Whistle, Twilio, Cool Blue, Urjanet, Salestrakr, Tickle.me and Soneter. And thanks to everyone who brought in all the awesome schwag – Twilio, Code Guard, OpenStudy, Mailchimp and Damballa.

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