May 13, 2011 in ATDC News

The Startup Chronicles: Pindrop Security

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Just because the caller ID says its you calling your bank to activate that new credit card, doesn’t mean it is! Not with caller ID spoofing available with a subscription near you. What’s a bank to do?

Pindrop Security (formerly Telineage) is a telecommunication startup bringing trust back to the telephone. Rather than relying on a caller to give an accurate number, Pindrop uses your phone call’s unique audio fingerprint to provide an alternative to unreliable caller ID. The technology uses both the device signature and the call path to determine if that really is you calling.

Confounding scammers is such a remarkable calling that TAG named Pindrop a Top 40 Innovation Company in 2011. Judges in the GRA/TAG Business Plan Competition selected the company as a finalist for the May 24 showdown overseen by investors and venture capitalists.

The company is working on adding geolocation features to its repertoire, further enhancing its scam-stopping prowess. Things are going so well at Pindrop that they need to hire more software developers (check out this job description and application.).

We love a smart solution to an annoying problem. We’re cheering on this ATDC member company for bringing integrity back to caller ID.

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