May 6, 2011 in ATDC News

The Startup Chronicles: Viscid Technologies

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ViscidTech is adding a third dimension to a touchscreen near you. The company is commercializing ViscidTouch, a technology that relies on pressure sensitivity to bring all new possibilities to games, art applications, and even the humble computer mouse. ViscidTouch mimics human skin, sensing where and how hard someone is pressing on a surface.

The ATDC company grew out of the study of human-computer interactions, a field leading to the remarkable evolution of the interface between man and machine. The potential applications range from more responsive prosthetics to games, toys, and touchscreens.

ViscidTech entered the market with the introduction of RageGage at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show. The RageGage demonstrates the ViscidTech pressure sensitive touch technology in one very smashable little scapegoat of a product. Having this simple consumer device helps the company highlight the technology that will ultimately elevate computers to a whole new level of responsiveness.

ViscidTech is busily bringing us higher productivity, more intuitive systems, and way more fun! Be sure to cheer them and other ATDC Companies on at the GRA/TAG Business Launch Competition Finals on May 24!

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