May 4, 2011 in ATDC News

Executive Summary Examples

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When I was thumbing through the executive summaries at the 5th annual SEVC back in March I paused to read the BrightWhistle executive summary a bit more deeply. I had been working with co-founders Greg Foster and Chad Mallory for a while and wanted to see how they presenting BrightWhistle at its coming out party. It was one of the best seed stage executive summaries that I have ever read and I have read a lot of them. Eric Gregg of TechMedia was kind enough to provide me with a digital image of Brightwhistle’s executive summary for publication here.

It was written about seven months after Brightwhistle was formed. The company had little operating history. Often times entrepreneurs struggle with adequately describing their companies at this stage. This is a great example that can serve as a template for others. Toward this end Greg offered to provide me with Word docs of both the BrightWhistle and StatSheet (which Greg also penned) executive summaries. They are below.

BrightWhistle Executive Summary
StatSheet Executive Summary

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