April 22, 2011 in ATDC News

The Startup Chronicles: TripLingo

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TripLingo is a language translation guide that makes it easy and fun to learn a bit of the local lingo when you travel. The web and mobile applications create a customized phrase list to help you talk like the locals.

TripLingo was born through the experiences of Jesse Maddox, a well-trekked native Atlantan. Tired of missing out on local culture and interactions in his time in Vietnam and India, Jesse worked hard to learn local jokes and slang and then arranged local-language-only dinner parties for his fellow expatriates. People loved the light-hearted experience of really understanding the culture of the country they were visiting.

When he got back to the US, Jesse was so pumped about building a more practical and useful translation guide that he begged his way into the 2011 Start Atlanta after the application deadline, pitched the idea on the spot, and with the help of an adrenaline and caffeine fueled team, was voted the “Best In Show” at the January event. The Start Atlanta team was so excited about TripLingo that they continued developing the idea with Jesse.

TripLingo joined ATDC in February and has been going at light speed ever since. They adopted Hub Atlanta as their new home and went on to enter and win Startup Riot. The take away from Startup Riot included nearly $15,000 in prizes and seven hours of meetings with venture capitalists.

The team is still driving hard from their Hub Atlanta hideout and plans to release the TripLingo Mobile application this month.

We hope making the semifinals in the TAG/GRA Business Launch Competition won’t slow down the release. We can’t wait to get our hands on it to tell racy jokes on the go in five new languages!

Because of the Amazon Cloud outage, TripLingo’s website is down, but be sure to check them out on their blog, twitter, and facebook.

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