April 18, 2011 in ATDC News

Gwinnett’s Lehigh Technologies – Shows Impact Of Ga Tech

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ATDC member company Lehigh Technologies, located in Gwinnett County, is a great example of how Georgia Tech has a big impact on some of our local technology companies.

Lehigh Technologies has a patented method for taking old tires and recycling the rubber. They use a cryogenic process to shatter the rubber into ultra fine particles. This is then used to make all kinds of rubber based products including sealants, paint, asphalt and even new tires.

Lehigh has raised over $35M from Venture Capital firms including Kleiner Perkins.

Quite a few Georgia Tech alums work for the company. Tech banners and gold helmets are everywhere at Lehigh. Lehigh hires a number of Georgia Tech co-op students and interns every semester. The Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems at Georgia Tech helped Lehigh to identify the specifics of how their product saves dramatic amounts of power and water compared to traditional rubber manufacturing. Lehigh is also working with a professor of Mechanical Engineering at Ga Tech on a Phase 1 SBIR award and are jointly pursing on a Phase 2.

To learn more about Lehigh Technologies, go read this MIT Technology Review article.

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