April 15, 2011 in ATDC News

The Startup Chronicles: DayZipping

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Want the scoop on where to find challenging bike trails, the most delicious pick-it-yourself fruit, and a Safari in Georgia? Look no further than DayZipping.com.

DayZipping is a social platform for travelers to share their favorite day trips. Whether you are visiting a new city or wondering what adventures await where you live, DayZipping provides a fun and painless way of deciding what to do today.

Founded in Atlanta less than a year ago, the company’s crowd sourcing model has already attracted hundred of contributions and ratings for day trips in exciting cities and places across the globe. The trips are easily searchable by a number of criteria and its super easy to submit your own trip ideas or rate the trips posted by others.

In addition to individual contributions to the site, Tennessee, North Carolina, Las Vegas, Denver and Colorado Springs have all committed to providing day trip suggestions. The arrangement gives local governments access to a broader tourist and resident audience and gives the broader audience access to great trip ideas. Everyone benefits. What’s not to love!

This summer, the company plans to launch a mobile app on Android and Apple devices that make the idea even more useful. DayZipping is also working on forming a partnership with ZipCar to make sure contributors have a car to carry them on their adventures.

DayZipping is an ATDC member company and has committed equity by angel funds in South Carolina, Georgia and California. With a great idea, a smart model, and an adventurous team, we think this company has what it takes to really take off. Any bets on how long it will take for DayZipping to become a household name? Our money is on ‘very shortly’!

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