April 8, 2011 in ATDC News

The Startup Chronicles: RideCell Modernizes Transit

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Three cheers for never missing the bus again thanks to ATDC company RideCell! RideCell was founded and built by Georgia Tech faculty and alumni including Professor Emeritus Steve Dickerson, AT&T veteran Dave Kaufman, and CipherTrust product development guru Aarjav Trivedi. Frustrated with Atlanta traffic, Dr. Dickerson has been working on a better transit solution since 1975.

Years of research and development of industrial automation software by Dr. Dickerson and his team culminated in RideCell, a vehicle fleet automation software that reduces expenses for transportation services and improves customer experience when using those services. With RideCell tracking a bus or train online or on a mobile device is easy, dispatch becomes more efficient and automated, and performance statistics can be recorded and analyzed.

The idea was patented in 2001 and technology took almost a decade to catch up to the vision. But catch up it has. Georgia Tech recently used RideCell to reduce manual effort spent on the fleet by 80%. RideCell has plans to add Atlanta’s MARTA, Zipcar, and Georgia Tech Stinger shuttles to their real-time, location aware system so patrons can tell exactly when their ride will arrive.

RideCell has industry applications as well. In addition to automated dispatch coordination, delivery and maintenance fleets benefit from automatic call aheads to make sure customers are at home and from on-line truck tracking access by consumers and providers.

RideCell is really going places with a high-tech, low-hassle solution to automating transit dispatching . With so many compelling applications, the only question is where will the company focus next?

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