February 25, 2011 in ATDC News

The Startup Chronicles: Preparis Goes Mobile

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Every company needs to prepare for emergencies, but very few do it well. Most just have some dusty emergency plan sitting on a shelf somewhere that is really no use to anyone in the face of today’s world of global threats. In comes Preparis, the business preparedness and crisis management platform that is safeguarding over 500,000 people and over $185 billion in enterprise value. Businesses of all sizes across the world including Equifax, Southern Company, DLA Piper and FirstBank are embracing the unique solution Preparis offers, and the company continues to expand its innovation.  Just this week they released their BlackBerry mobile app.

Preparis offers a SaaS product that includes  planning tools, online training, emergency messaging, content, and secure document storage and access. A key focus currently is expanding  their offering onto smartphones, with both their iPhone app and BlackBerry app keeping their users always connected anytime and anywhere. Preparis’ mobile apps are the only B2B emergency preparedness apps on the market today.  This first-mover advantage has helped Preparis receive international adoption while expanding their mission further to protect the world’s business economy.

When interviewing founder and CEO Armistead Whitney about his breakthrough company, one thing that really stood out was his focus on the culture at Preparis. Corporate culture at many startups is somewhat of an afterthought, but at Preparis they really take pride in the unique shared values and mission of their team. They have 8 core values that they put up all over their office and recite at every team meeting.  They also believe work can be fun – every month one Preparis colleague is designated as the “FunVentor” to take the entire team out of the office for something that is fun and educational. One event Armistead raved about was when they went “Geocaching” which is a high-tech treasure hunt using GPS devices. Sounds fun.

Preparis is currently in growth mode as they are signing up new businesses like crazy, with MedAssets, Holland And Knight, and Arent Fox as some of their most recent new clients. They are also hiring sales and marketing folk, so check out their website and send over your information if you’re interested.

The globalized world of the 21st century has brought an ever-increasing multitude of threats onto corporations and the people that work in them. It’s great to see a company taking advantage of this opportunity to not only create value, but also to protect that of others.

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