January 4, 2011 in News from Our Companies

Digital Assent’s PatientPad Wins “2010 Cool Technology of the Year”

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ATDC company Digital Assent’s self-service patient check-in and patient education solution, the PatientPad™, won the “2010 Cool Technology of the Year” award presented by TechAmerica and the Technology Association of Georgia at the recent Spirit of Endeavor Awards.

Congratulations also to company founder and CEO Andrew Ibbotson, who was also nominated for the “Outstanding Leadership” award.

Founded in 2009, Digital Assent is a healthcare technology company located at ATDC. “One of life’s biggest frustrations is going to the doctor’s office, filling out the same information multiple times on a paper clipboard, and then sitting in the waiting room leafing through old magazines while you wait to see the doctor,” said Ibbotson. “This is the problem we set out to fix”

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