November 5, 2010 in ATDC News, SBIR/STTR News

NIST SBIR Solicitation

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The National Institutes of Standards and Technology has issued it’s 2011 SBIR solicitation. Proposals are being accepted as of November 4th and will be due no later than January 28th, 2011. Budgets may not exceed $90,000 for Phase I. Click here to see the full details and instructions in the solicitation.

The topics for this solicitation are

  • Ontologies for Modeling Enterprise Level Security Metrics
  • Instrument for Characterization of Environmental Soot Aggregates
  • Instrument for Detection of Inhaler Dose Concentration
  • mm-Wave Phase Noise Measurement System Using Photonic Delay-Line
  • High-accuracy relative angle monitoring apparatus
  • Real-time intensity monitoring of laboratory X-ray sources
  • Electrical Connectors for Millimeter-Wave Instrumentation
  • Standard OWL Reasoning Support for Physical Quantities and Units
  • Development of an SCAP Content Creation Tool
  • Non-contact microwave measurement of electrical properties of nanofiber materials
  • An Automated Test-bed for Assessing System-of-System (SoS) Assurance
  • Cloud Computing Security Discriminators
  • Monitoring for Complex Information Systems
  • Environmental Chambers for an Integrating Sphere-based Weathering Device
  • Calibration of Critical Dimension Scanning Electron Microscopes
  • RFID-Integrated Sensor Networks
  • Sustainable Manufacturing Maturity Model Development
  • Dynamic Six Degree of Freedom (6DOF) Vision System
  • Development of anion exchange resins for chirality-based separation of single walled carbon nanotubes
  • 3D Tip Characterization and Surface Reconstruction voiding
  • Ultrafast Optical Detector at 1550 nm
  • Orientation-Patterned Gallium Arsenide
  • Decision support tools for Sustainable Manufacturing
  • A Common Platform for Microrobotics Research
  • Semi-Autonomous, Articulated Forklift (SAAF) in Close Proximity to Workers
  • Parallel Signal-Processing System for High-Resolution Tomography
  • High-Efficiency Visible Light Photon Counters
  • High-Resolution Optical Pulse Shaper
  • Disassembly Model and Analysis Tools for End-of-service Life Product Treatment
  • Sustainability Performance Analysis Tools for Evaluating Manufacturing Processes
  • Production of ISMRM/NIST MRI Calibration Phantoms voiding
  • Signal Processing Methods for High-Dimensional Microsensor Data Streams
  • Development of a MEMS Oscillatory Parallel-Plate Rheometer
  • Micro-cruciform tensile stage for XRD and SEM/EBSD

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