November 3, 2010 in ATDC News

The Startup Chronicles: SimpleC

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It’s hard to find a founder more dedicated than Jason Zamer, the man behind SimpleC – an ATDC member company that provides a breakthrough non-drug intervention for dementia and depression. SimpleC’s roots extend all the way back to 2002, when Zamer was still an undergrad studying psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. What started as a senior project has now grown into a self-funded, 20 employee business that is right on the brink of getting its technology into healthcare facilities across the country.

SimpleC helps elderly adults suffering from dementia, depression, and other mental ailments by employing a customized non-drug intervention delivered via touch screen computer directly to the individual. Pictures, music, voices, and other memorable elements of an individual’s life are collected and entered into a customized delivery system that then creates a uniquely profound visual and auditory experience. The content is presented in such a way to be pleasantly and powerfully evocative so that the memory centers of the brain are exercised and strengthened, which positively affects mood, participation in social activities, and overall mental health. All of these effects foster a much healthier life for not only the patient, but also the caregiver and the family, who experience much more pleasant interactions with their loved ones.

What is striking about SimpleC is how dedicated their team has been to the business. The company is 8 years old and in early stage with revenue. And it’s now becoming very apparent that the years of development, research, and planning are paying off. The company scored pilots in four major healthcare facilities in 2009 and locked down their first customer with a large healthcare facility in Austell, Georgia. CEO Stan Anderson is incredibly enthusiastic about several other customer facilities in the pipeline as well.

SimpleC goes to show that heavy research and careful planning can really set a startup business on the path to growth. It’s great to see such a noble startup progress, especially one with so many Georgia Tech employees!

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