July 8, 2010 in News from Our Companies

Simatra Technologies Releases Biophysical Modeling and Simulation App

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Georgia Tech spinout and ATDC member company Simatra Technologies has released version 1.1 of their simEngine compiler for biophysical modeling and simulation. The update to the system features improved performance on single- and multi-core processors, as well as the ability to seamlessly leverage graphics processing units (GPUs) for dramatically improved simulation speeds.

Simatra recently demonstrated how simEngine’s GPU computing features can be used to dramatically accelerate the simulation of a model of brain stimulation; in their example, a $500 off-the-shelf GPU card was used to achieve a 77x performance improvement over a single-core processor. Companies and researchers with a need for high-performance nonlinear simulation can now obtain it at a very low cost, and Simatra’s intuitive software can reduce the programming time from months to days.

Simatra makes math fast!

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