June 22, 2010 in ATDC News

TIP – Therapeutic Tax Credit and SBIR Grants

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The Therapeutic Discovery Project Credit has been the talk of the bioscience community since the legislative text was released on May 21st. The program will infuse the industry with both tax credits and cash grants for qualified investments in therapeutic R&D. The hope is to stimulate continued growth and progress for therapeutic discovery, including diagnostics and delivery vehicles.

Over the past month there has been much debate over the potential rules and regulations. One such topic of discussion revolved around the inclusion of Federal Grants, such as SBIR/STTRs, as a qualified investment. How can you claim a Federal Grant as a qualified investment? To many that seems as double dipping. According to the IRS, not if you claim that Federal Grant as gross income.

The IRS form, NIH form and final instructions, including FAQ’s from the IRS, were released on June 18th. This question is specifically answered by the IRS.

Q. Can a company apply for the new credit or grant for a project for which the company is already receiving other grant money (e.g., an SBIR award), or does the project have to be completely self-funded to qualify?

A. A taxpayer must reduce the amount of a project’s qualified investment for any grant that is not included in gross income, unless the grant can only be used for costs not included in the definition of a qualified investment. See Notice 2010-45 § 4.01(4).

This could significantly increase the amount of award to many small companies that are funded both privately and through SBIR/STTR grant awards.

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