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VoAPPS Launches New Line of Telecom APPs

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ATDC Member company VoAPPs has announced the availability of telePARTICLES, a set of “Telecom APPs” that easily integrate into software applications, back office systems, and business processes. Available in an APP Store format, the company is releasing the first 3 telePARTICLES including:

  • Service Type: Determines if a telephone number is a Mobile or a Landline number
  • Mobile Working Number: Determines whether a Mobile number is working and dialable
  • Number Scrubber: Cleanses a list of phone numbers to remove duplicates, numbers with invalid formats, etc.

telePARTICLES are designed to make it easy for people to do Telecom Tasks that should be easy – but that are actually hard to do.

“I looked around and realized that it’s really hard to find out if a phone number is a mobile number or a landline number. That led me to wonder why it’s so hard to find out if a mobile number is working or not. I found it inconceivable that this kind of basic telecom information was not available to every Telecom Application, to the average Business Process Manager, or to most Software Developers – so we decided to fix that.”
David King, President of VoAPPs

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