April 21, 2010 in News from Our Companies

BLiNQ Media Betas BAM

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BLiNQ Media, a social engagement advertising company and the pioneer of performance-driving Cost per Social Action (CPSA), recently announced the release of the beta version of BAM (BLiNQ Ad Manager), a new technology designed to make it easy for big brands to deliver break-through results in social networks. The technology, built on the Facebook Ads API, provides sophisticated brand marketers and agencies with unprecedented targeting, performance and scale in Facebook social ad campaign management. A $750,000 investment in BLiNQ Media by management, employees and advisors was also closed to drive ongoing platform innovation and development.

BLiNQ Media has official access to the Facebook Ads API. The Facebook Ads API allows developers to integrate into the Facebook Ads system and provide marketers with new solutions to manage Facebook campaigns. BAM leverages the Facebook Ads API to help brand marketers and agencies hyper-target, message and engage Facebook users using rich profile data (such as keywords and interests), driving social ad performance in new and innovative ways.

BAM facilitates the purchase, management, and optimization of Facebook ad campaigns. BAM delivers:

Campaign management (including bid modifications at any level for multiple campaigns and performance assessment via data visualization of key performance indicators across multiple ads and campaigns)

Hyper-segmentation (including detail-level audience multi-variable testing and targeting, direct messaging, persona development and optimization metrics across campaign types)

Keywords (including insights by target audience such as market size sampling by keyword, keywords derived from suggestions and individual level, hyper-targeted tracking)

Reporting (including reliable and easy-to-understand data visualization for rapid processing of large data sets, direct reporting with insights into demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data, and accurate measurement)

BAM was created with years of insight from the team’s search optimization and social media expertise to deliver agility and efficiency not previously available in social ad management. The BLiNQ Media team, composed of PhDs, business leaders and experienced Internet marketing and social media experts, is led by Dave Williams, CEO, president and co-founder of BLiNQ Media, and prior co-founder of 360i, a leading search marketing and optimization company recently acquired by Dentsu.

BAM could be on its way to making some noise in the large and fast growing social media marketing space.

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