March 29, 2010 in News from Our Companies

TuneWiki Partners With Neurotic Media

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Neurotic Media, the leading provider of online and mobile entertainment download solutions, has announced that it was selected by TuneWiki, a leading social music application, to empower integrated MP3 sales for the TuneWiki Web site and several handsets. In the coming months, TuneWiki will use Neurotic Media’s NeuroLinq™ API services to offer consumers a seamless shopping experience.

TuneWiki, a social music player, has made it to the Top Five downloaded music application in several smart phone application stores, and has been downloaded to more than five million devices. Providing subtitled lyrics to over three million songs via its stored library, as well as SHOUTCast™ Radio and music videos for its users, TuneWiki is now partnering with Neurotic Media to offer its users the ability to buy their favorite songs through the NeuroLinq API service. Users can instantly buy a song they searched for on the TuneWiki site, found on one of TuneWiki’s Top Songs listings, or viewed in a playlist of another TuneWiki user through its social maps, charts, or Twitter and Facebook connections. The integrated shopping experience offered by Neurotic Media and TuneWiki is a great way for consumers to marry their existing entertainment experience with an easy-to-use shopping environment.

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