February 19, 2010 in ATDC News

ATDC Companies Rock Startup Riot 2010

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“Congratulations!” to all the ATDC members who rocked the Egyptian Ballroom at Startup Riot 2010!

Startup Riot is an exclusive opportunity, yet more than a quarter of the companies accepted to pitch this year are ATDC members. Many of Wednesday’s pitchers honed their presentations at the monthly ATDC Startup Gauntlet pitching practice event. In fact, the top three Startup Riot 2010 pitchers-Regator, Nexpense, and LessAccounting -all pitched at the Gauntlet before Rioting.

In addition to helping members prepare for Startup Riot, venture catalysts introduced ATDC companies to potential customers and investors during the event. Making connections and giving pitch advice are a few of the many ways the ADTC is helping technology startups in Georgia succeed.

Participating Startup Riot 2010 ATDC member companies:

Abundant Closet

Abundant Closet is an online virtual closet and automated personal stylist.


DoLeaf is an online marketplace where people can find and buy plants from independent garden centers and specialty nurseries.


JobTitled brings analytics to career management. They help people make statistics-based desicions about their future through data analysis.


Medivity focuses on the research and development of GI instrumentation, with a narrow focus on the minimally invasive market.

Mobilization Labs

Providers of Wildfire Platform, a SaaS product that combines the viral power of social networking with real-world grassroots action.

Ninja Post

Next generation message board software. Integrates with social networks like Twitter, offers real-time interactivity and an elegant design.


OtherNum provides a virtual PBX for small companies and startups. You get a sophisticated phone system with no setup fees or contracts.


We provide a web-based, simple and straightforward e-mail system for use by seniors and their caregivers.


Quote Juice is an internet-based platform where users can quote, compare and purchase individual health insurance plans.

Rank ’em

Crowdsourcing music discovery by sorting the catalogs of every artist of all-time based on the opinions of those that know them best.


Regator makes it easy for people to find and share the best blogs and blogosphere trends on-the-go and on the web.


Interviewing made easy for companies like call centers that have volume hiring.

Transaction Tree

Transaction Tree is an event-driven digital receipt and marketing delivery system.

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