February 18, 2010 in ATDC News

Sub-Micro Receives Press

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Sub-Micro, a Georgia Tech spin-out developing magnetic nano-particles for the removal of circulating cancer cells, was recently written up by both the Georgia Tech Daily Digest and Medical Device Daily. This exciting technology is attracting attention as it provides a solution to a problem with the use of nano-particles as therapeutics. Nano-particles have been designed by many developers to target and/or destroy specific cell types including many forms of cancer. But, after the nano-particles have sequestered and/or destroyed the targeted cells, how do you remove them from the body? This question is a hurdle to receiving FDA clearance for the wide spread use of nano-particles as therapeutics. Sub-Micro’s proprietary magnetic nano-particle technology, which was developed at Georgia Tech, is uniquely designed to capture the targeted cells and remove them and the nano-particle from the body.

Ken Scarberry developed the technology as a graduate student in the lab of Dr. John McDonald, professor in the School of Biology and chief scientist with the Ovarian Cancer Institute. The magnetic nano-particles will initially be targeted toward the removal of ovarian cancer cells. But the technology can be adapted to remove a variety of cell types including HIV infected cells.

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