February 15, 2010 in ATDC News

Recruiting Georgia Tech Business Talent

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ATDC gets a number of requests from startups to recruit and hire Georgia Tech students.  This is the third in a series explaining how to go about doing so.  This article covers recruiting out of the College of Management.

Need help writing a business plan, analyzing a market, streamlining operations, marketing, conducting due diligence, or other business related tasks?  A College of Management student may be able to help.  College of Management students are available on a part-time project basis, as interns, or as full-time employees.  Several options are available depending on your company’s needs.  MBA students usually have several years of practical work experience to supplement the skills learned in the master’s program.  Many Tech MBA students started their careers in engineering or computer science.  Some MBA students are graduate students of both a Georgia Tech engineering program and of the business school program.  Undergraduate business students have less practical work experience and command lower pay than MBA students but may be all you need for some types of work.

To recruit College of Management MBA students, contact John Gursky from the MBA Career Center at John.Gursky@mgt.gatech.edu or 404-385-4148.  MBA students generally expect about $25-$30/hour for part-time or internship positions.  For full-time positions, MBA graduate salaries begin around $80,000/year.

To recruit College of Management undergraduate students, contact Stan Broome at Stan.Broome@mgt.gatech.edu or 404-385-4148 or Lauren McDow at Lauren.Mcdow@mgt.gatech.edu or 404-385-1219.  Undergraduate business students generally expect about $10-$20/hour for part-time or internship positions.  Full-time salaries for someone with a bachelor’s degree in business begin around $48,000/year.

You may also use CareerBuzz to advertise positions to College of Management students.  For details about how to use CareerBuzz, see the first article of this series.

The MBA program at Tech is relatively small so recruit as early in the year as possible. College of Management graduate students begin interviewing for positions in the fall of their first year on campus.  Be clear and specific about time requirements and the job description.  For postings, indicate whether international students will be considered for visa sponsorship.  If you are within walking distance of the College of Management building and you need a part time worker or intern, emphasize proximity to campus.  The possibility of temporary work segueing to full time employment after graduation is generally very attractive to business students.

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