February 12, 2010 in News from Our Companies

SoloHealth Introduces EyeSite 3.0

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SoloHealth, a recognized leader in the growing trend toward self-directed health care, has introduced an upgraded version of its popular EyeSite self-service vision testing kiosk. The new model features an enhanced eye health risk assessment, including an easy-to-understand risk meter, which provides stronger motivation for consumers to seek professional eye care. Enhanced doctor information screens provide additional information about a practice (i.e., practice specialties, insurances accepted, hours of operation, etc.), so that consumers are more comfortable booking an appointment.

The EyeSite kiosks are currently located in high traffic retail locations such as supermarket pharmacies, in seven states across the country. More than 300,000 consumers have already utilized this advanced kiosk technology, with one-fourth reporting they have never previously had an eye exam. Another 38 percent reported they had not had their eyes tested for more than two years, which the American Optometric Association recommends as a minimum interval between screenings.

The kiosks also offer vision-related product and service companies with on-site advertising opportunities, including video ads, digital signage and customized coupons on the printout that consumers receive with their test results.

Based in Atlanta, SoloHealth and the EyeSite kiosks have been featured by local and national media over the past year, including stories by CNBC, Forbes, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and numerous trade publications. The company has won three Awards of Excellence, including “Best in Show” at the Kiosk.Com Self Service Expo and The Digital Signage Show in Las Vegas. SoloHealth was also selected as one of the 2008 “Top 40” Innovative Technology companies in Georgia by the Technology Association of Georgia.

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