February 11, 2010 in News from Our Companies

Urban Planet Mobile Launches SAT Remix

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Savannah based Urban Planet Mobile has released, SAT Remix , which offers audio vocabulary SAT prep lessons delivered daily as a text message to any mobile phone. Pilot tests in Savannah high schools have showed that after a month of SAT Remix lessons students increased scores on vocabulary tests by 100%. Using the SAT Remix, students receive an automatic daily text (7 pm EST), so they don’t have to remember to do anything. They access the audio lesson by clicking the link within the text. They listen to the SAT Word of the day, the definition and two example/contextual sentences, all set to music and beats. The lessons are approximately 2 minutes long.

“We’re thrilled with the pilot results and this launch,” says CEO Mr. OliverSmith, “The students loved the lessons. They found them engaging. They really appreciated the automatic delivery. And the music made it easy to listen. The teachers loved the program because the content is high quality and positively impacts test scores and the parents loved the program because, finally, their kid is using their mobile phone for more than just texting their friends. The SAT Remix program focuses on vocabulary expansion and since vocabulary impacts up to 33% of the total SAT score, this program could have a dramatic effect on a student’s score.”

“We aren’t tied to a specific phone, a specific carrier, or a specific mobile operating system”, continues Brian OliverSmith explaining why Urban Planet Mobile’s products are so compelling in the burgeoning mobile learning space. “We’re simply tied to delivering engaging and impactful educational content to any mobile phone. As a leading mobile education company, our goal is to provide the highest quality educational content to the largest number of people at an extremely affordable price. Because the patent pending product design incorporates a unique use of music and repetition, word retention and the ability to recall meaning are increased. The theory behind the lesson development is based on decades of research into the impact of study combined with music.”

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