January 28, 2010 in News from Our Companies

aitendant Unleashes Binder

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aitendant today announced the release of Binder, a sub-service of the aitendant customer management and commerce platform that allows users to customize the features and footprint of the service. Binder introduces the following principle: “footprint follows function.” Users of aitendant can be as granular as an individual managing a personal mailing list to a business managing its online sales, CRM and customer self-management functions. The customer and vendor only see the features that are enabled from their respective views.

For example, if a vendor only wishes to use the software in managing rental property. The vendor or property owner would only need to enable a few features from the Account, Payments, and Billing modules in order to manage regular monthly operations. The property owner can also add Communications if they wanted to manage service requests from each renter. The property owner would only see the selected management functions and the renter would only see the corresponding customer views.

“We’re excited about Binder. It took a feature rich CRM and commerce platform and simplified it down to the individual user level. What you need is exactly what you get,” said Bryan Shaw, aitendent’s marketing team leader. “aitendant’s sales, service and management features combined with its revolutionary natural language user interface provide the richest user experience yet while adding a new dimension to web 2.0 software.”

Binder is available to all aitendant customers using build rc-1.0.1-091029. Feature selection in Binder is instantaneous. There is nothing to install and customers do not have to wait on the features they demand. By incorporating Binder, businesses of any size will find it uncluttered, uncomplicated and easy to integrate aitendant’s automated sales, service and management features into their organizations.

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