January 27, 2010 in ATDC News

Recruiting Georgia Tech Computing Talent

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ATDC gets a number of requests from startups to recruit and hire Georgia Tech students.  This is the second in a series explaining how to go about doing so.  This article covers recruiting out of the College of Computing.

The College of Computing has its own specific online resource to place students.  You should browse the College of Computing job opportunities board and then complete the job opportunities submission form for your particular openings.  To get the most visibility you should also use CareerBuzz.

College of Computing students are in great demand and will usually only consider positions that they consider to be cutting edge cool.  Thus you should emphasize the most challenging aspects of the job.  If you’re an ATDC company in Tech Square or walking distance to Tech and you need part time/interns, emphasize proximity to campus.  Be as clear as possible about compensation and whether or not international students will be considered/sponsored for visas.  Again, if there is the possibility for part-time/internship leading to full time employment after graduation, certainly let students know.

Georgia Tech College of Computing undergraduate students typically expect to be paid $50,000 a year for full-time positions and $15 – 20 an hour for part-time and internship positions.

Morgan Lindskog helps keep things running smoothly for companies recruiting College of Computing students.  She can be reached at morgan@cc.gatech.edu or 404-894-5207.

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