December 2, 2009 in News from Our Companies

aitendant Launches

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aitendant announced today that it is launching a user configurable commerce platform that has the ability to process natural language instructions as well as traditional “click” based inputs. aitendant is built to accommodate simple to very complex services and configurations. Businesses that provide services or highly customizable products face different challenges than most retailers not only in communicating the depth of their service but also in capturing details of requests. The idea was simple: aitendant makes this conversational where applicable and transactional when appropriate.

“Please remember that aitendant is built to be a right-fit service platform for specialty businesses. While we have a very innovative interface, we have also invested in delivering a core business platform that includes customizable CRM, billing and communication features. Our customers are able to present self-service options to their customers instantly” commented Marcy Rofrano, Manager of Communications and Training.

A major benefit of aitendant is that it opens potential inputs for commerce applications. A basic and intimate element is aitendant’s ability to understand and accurately compute language via text. Additionally, using language allows engagement with individuals that may not immediately have access or the ability to use display devices. Orders via natural language maintain the brand by its name.

Founded in 2008, aitendant’s mission is to create intuitive automated environments for complex transactions. The company is privately held and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

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