October 26, 2009 in News from Our Companies

Band Metrics on NPR

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Band Metrics, an ATDC company, was featured this past weekend on NPR’s On the Media in a segment called,”Charting the Charts” by Mark Phillips. The program, which aired on over 100 U.S. radio stations yesterday and Saturday, was also released globally as a podcast via NPR Worldwide, and featured Robert Levine of Billboard, Chicago Tribune music critic and author Greg Kot, Chris Molanphy of Idolator and Duncan Freeman of Band Metrics. It’s a must listen for anyone interested in the evolution of how an artist’s popularity is measured, as Mark eloquently states, Band Metrics looks “more like the tools of a web savvy political campaign. And maybe that’s what the chart of the future needs to be – a tool for organizing communities, and if it works, it would transform and replace the whole idea of (music) charts.”

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