October 21, 2009 in ATDC News

Q3 Top Venture Deals – from peHub

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Good to be cleantech or microblog!

1. Solyndra (photovoltaics for solar energy panels), five rounds, $285.9 million

2a. Twitter (microblog), 7 rounds, $100 million

2b. WastePro USA (waste disposal and recycling), later stage, $100 million

2c. Facebook (social network), corporate stage, $100 million

3. Tesla Motors (electric cars), 6 or 7 rounds, $82.5 million

4. Pacific Biosciences (gene sequencing), 6 rounds, $67.9 million

5. Canopy Financial (technology to lower costs for corporate healthcare benefits), 3 rounds, $62.5 million

6. Serious Materials (ecofriendly building materials), 3 rounds, $60 million

7. Meru Networks (wireless infrastructure for businesses), 9 rounds, $57.5 million

8. Kosmos Energy (oil and gas exploration in Africa), 14 rounds, $56.5 million

9a. Calypso Medical, (radiation therapy), 6 rounds, $55 million

9b. RuffaloCODY, (fundraising and enrollment management services), 4 rounds $55 million

10. Complete Genomics (gene sequencing and drug development), 4 rounds, $45 million

11. Oraya Therapeutics (robotically controlled treatments for inflammatory eye disease), 3 rounds, $42 million

12a. Direct Flow Medical (aortic tissue valve prosthesis for people with heart disease), 3 rounds, $40 million

12b. Adamas Pharmaceuticals (small molecule drugs for infectious diseases, including influenza A), 3 rounds, $40 million

13. Epizyme, (drugs to treat diseases based on gene functions and mutations, i.e. epigenetics), 2 rounds, $32 million

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