October 19, 2009 in ATDC News

Atlanta Startup Weekend

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Atlanta Startup Weekend 3 will take place on November 13 – 15 at ATDC.

For the uninitiated from the first two Atlanta events, Startup Weekend is a 54 hour event that provides the networking, resources, and incentives for individuals and teams to go from a startup idea to launch. It is truly an amazing event to observe.  But you can’t just observe.  You have to participate.  You have to play a role in making something.  Whatever you are good at, you do.  And  you do some things that you might not be so good at but need to be done in order to move a concept forward. You do what it takes.

Startup Weekend is the only event that mimics what takes place in a more real startup environment.  It’s amazing.  Atlanta has been fortunate to have produced two of the better known Startup Weekend companies.  Skribit and Twitpay.  They are both ATDC members.

But more important than launching real companies is the community aspect of Startup Weekend.  At Startup Weekend you will get connected with local developers, innovators and entrepreneurs in a way that you can no where else.   Great talents shows up at Startup Weekend.  Great ideas are pitched at Startup Weekend.  Great realationships are created at Startup Weekend.  You need to get registered for Startup Weekend.

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