October 8, 2009 in News from Our Companies

Global Crypto provides RealMe authentication to Scribbos

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Atlanta, GA (Oct. 8, 2009) – Scribbos™, the leading provider of secure business communications and data exchange solutions, today announced a partnership with GlobalCrypto, a provider of cryptographic security. Through this partnership Scribbos and GlobalCrypto will develop Scribbos:Intellicrypt, an intuitive desktop encryption solution that provides users with an easy-to-use identity management and strong authentication capability using RealMe™.

Scribbos:Intellicrypt will provide Scribbos with a cryptographic key pair in a digital image to exchange confidential and proprietary information among users through steganography. This process enables PKI-level security with strong bi-directional authentication, providing an additional layer of security whether data is at rest or in motion.

Jon Gatrell, Vice President of Product Management for Scribbos, said, “The addition of Scribbos:Intellicrypt on the desktop will provide our customers with the ability to encrypt files at rest and limit distribution of encrypted data using RealMe capabilities. Our strategic global partnership with Global Crypto positions Scribbos to be the only product in the industry to support self-service key and user management.”

Users simply select an image or photo, which is used to establish their unique cryptographic identity. Messages are encrypted when sent and safely stored until the user retrieves it. The sender is automatically notified when the message is retrieved by a “return receipt” message.

Todd Merrill, Founder and CEO of GlobalCrypto, said, “The partnership and development of Scribbos:Intellicrypt for ad-hoc Managed File Transfer and secure communications represents a key initiative for GlobalCrypto, as Scribbos provides a proven SaaS infrastructure and on-premise software solution for healthcare, financial and professional services organizations.”

To learn more about Scribbos or Scribbos:Intellicrypt, please visit www.scribbos.com or contact us at 678-366-7887 ext. 290. For information on GlobalCrypto’s technology, please visit: www.globalcrypto.com or call: 678-855-6116.

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