October 7, 2009 in ATDC News

7 Questions with Todd Merrill of Global Crypto

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0. What is Global Crypto?

Application security provider GlobalCrypto provides affordable, user-friendly cryptographic security software that protects Web applications and their users from Internet fraud and malicious attacks.

GlobalCrypto uses a process known as steganography to conceal cryptographic information inside images which it uses to provide low-cost, user-friendly security for all types of Web applications. GlobalCrypto provides the only
bi-directional, multi-factor, image-based Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solution available today.

As a strong authentication company, GlobalCrypto delivers cryptographic security for Web applications that can be used to authenticate users, digitally sign documents, protect online content, prevent the sharing of seat licenses and eliminate the need to maintain multiple passwords.

1. What is your background?

While I grew up in LaGrange GA, I have a Masters of Engineering from University of Florida where I worked for NASA on a new Satellite Error Correction code. From there I moved back to Atlanta where I worked for a
number of companies, including Scientific Atlanta where I got several patents on early cable modems.

I started a number of companies including MPI to address the lack of set top box software, Performance IT, a software company which enables remote managed server administration and Alpha Property Holdings, a Real Estate
Acquisition company.

2. How did you get the idea for Global Crypto?

I was literally sitting at Caribou Coffee with a former co-worker who left AirDefense and went to S1. He was explaining to me the new FFIEC multi-factor authentication mandate and how most of the solutions were
horrible. I had a “lightning bolt” idea about how to distribute crypto keys by hiding them inside digital images as a simple way to help normal people use cryptography to authenticate to a website. I drew it up on a napkin and
GlobalCrypto was born.

3. What makes Global Crypto unique?

Our ability to self-provision cryptographic keys to end users inside of web applications makes us a very unique company.

4. How does Global Crypto make money?

We sell monthly subscriptions to our BunkerMail.com encrypted webmail service and we license the underlying RealMe software as an easy to use cryptographic library for web applications.

5. How has ATDC helped you?

ATDC has introduced us to countless people that we never knew existed. It’sa nexus of activity in the Georgia high tech community and good things happen when you get involved at ATDC.

6. How will Global Crypto change the world?

We are giving web applications the ability to use powerful cryptography without requiring end users to install complicated software, certificates or cryptographic key stores.

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