September 26, 2009 in ATDC News

Attention: Startups in Need of Developers

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What a month! I’ve got to say life at ATDC, post the announcement of our “reboot”, has been exciting and manic. We’ve been exposed to a number of great companies, concepts, and entrepreneurs. We’ve had our fair share of duds as well, to be frank. All in all, so far so good.

One example of the “reboot” and outreach is Alpharetta office hours. We’ve met entrepreneurs we would have never met before. Meetings have been booked weeks in advance. Hopefully, all participating feel it’s been a good experience.

On to the real reason for this post, resources. The most frequent request I’ve heard is “introduce me to some developers who can build my vision”. Can’t tell you how many “bags of skittles” I’d have if I got one for every request. Inside joke.

In advance to all those who request introductions to developers who will work for free, my response is “network“. There are great events around town that attract the exact audience your looking for. One example is AWE. There are many more.

I wish I can introduce all comers to great developers but it’s statistically impossible. I just don’t know enough developer candidates and I don’t know enough about your story to sell/convince someone to join you. That said, we at ATDC empathize. We are working on a ATDC “Job Posting” board and a “Technical Co-Founder Wanted” board. More info to come.

Really, the best way to find talent is the hard way. Especially, if it’s free labor you’re looking for. If you think it’s hard for you to find it, think about how hard it will be for us. You know your story better than anyone else does and are in the best position to sell. Get out there and do it.

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