September 16, 2009 in News from Our Companies

ATDC Member Company Toomah – Free trial

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To ATDC member companies only:

For all aspiring technology companies, the hiring of new employees is the rewarding confirmation that your business is starting to take off. Unfortunately, this can also be an exhaustive process that quickly consumes many hours. Consider the time required to collect and review resumes, schedule and conduct early phone screens and interviews, and chase references. It’s easy to see why many businesses dread this process, especially in an economy that’s producing an overwhelming flood of applicants. How will you find your "A" players in that ominously tall stack of resumes?

I recently met with ATDC member whom I believe may have the answer. Toomah has released EZRecruiter, a SaaS software application that automates the numerous candidate selection steps normally followed by a recruiter (or small business owner), freeing you up to focus on your business.

The solution follows a work flow process which allows the user to aggregate applicants from all job posting sources and naturally narrows the applicant funnel, so you don’t have to become an expert in interviewing processes. You simply pre-load your company’s job information and a few questions, and the automation takes over. Their system quickly allows you to screen for qualification and motivation, and provides clear insight into candidate experience and qualifications. Perhaps the most impressive technology is the media-rich tool which allows for the voice recording of responses which is then accessible via the web. All the candidate data is collected and maintained within the system, making it easy to share this with business colleagues, regardless of their time zone, zip code or schedule demands. Customers using the Toomah solution can typically expect to save at least 50% of the time they would normally spend screening and interviewing candidates.

Toomah has generously offered to allow any fellow ATDC member the opportunity to "trial" their solution for free for up to a 60 day period (a savings of over $400 per position hired). Please visit or contact either Jay Forman (770-547-3081) at or Joe Gruca @ or to learn more about their solution and begin using it in your business.

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