September 15, 2009 in News from Our Companies

CommerceV3 Merges With Timberline Interactive

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Savannah ATDC member CommerceV3 (former Color Maria) announced last week that it will merge with Timberline Interactive located in Middlebury, VT. The combined company will unite a proven online store platform with a vast array of e-commerce marketing services. CommerceV3 is an on-demand e-commerce solution for creating and growing web storefronts and has been a member of the ATDC since 2004. Timberline is a web marketing service provider who customizes solutions for direct marketing companies and online retailers. The merger of these two companies creates a powerhouse of web marketing and online business opportunities.

CommerceV3 president Nathan Focht recognizes this as a new and unique opportunity for merchants. “The CV3 platform has always had a strong feature set to help customers grow their sales, but this merger puts us ahead of the curve. The team at Timberline is masters at tuning web stores for maximum growth. They have a huge playbook for making money online”.

“Our team was already working in the CommerceV3 environment to grow orders and sales for many of our clients,” says Bud Reed, founder of Timberline. “In many ways this merger was driven by our focus on the customers. It gives them even more technology options and streamlines website launch and development process”. Reed, who launched Timberline Interactive ten years ago, is retiring from day-today operational duties but will continue in an advisory role to provide strategic direction for the combined companies. Be on the look-out for further development of the new company.

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