July 29, 2009 in News from Our Companies

BLiNQ Media Moves To Tech Square

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BLiNQ Media is a social media advertising company that maximizes advertiser performance across social media networks by targeting and optimizing campaigns based on consumer data.  They differentiate themselves via a technology that makes use of large amounts of consumer data for better targeting and optimization.  I like what they are doing.  A lot.

Founded a year ago the company bootstrapped its way to a nice customer base, growing revenues, and profitability.  Great team of founders that has worked together in the past.  I am very excited that Dave Williams and the rest of the BLiNQ team have joined ATDC and will be moving to Tech Square.  Dave is pretty pumped himself and excited about the new direction of ATDC. 

In the not too distant future there will be a host of new entrepreneurs and companies joining the ATDC community.  For a moment I want to welcome BLiNQ.

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