July 27, 2009 in ATDC News

We’re Open

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This morning a new ATDC opened for business.  A more open ATDC.  A more embracing ATDC.    By now you may have seen the official announcement and perhaps even had a chance to read the article by Stephen Fleming about why we are doing this.  I am sure the range of reactions to the announcement will ran the gamut from shock to glee to indifference to skepticism.  Personally I am excited.  Very excited.  

Excited that ATDC is greatly extending its reach to serve more technology companies regardless of their stage of development or preferred path of growth.

Excited that ATDC is reaching down to help entrepreneurs at the earliest stage of their venture development when we may be able to impact their success the most.

Excited that ATDC is becoming inclusive.

Excited that ATDC is increasing the number of member companies from 45 to something that could reach the hundreds.

Excited that ATDC is going to leverage the community to serve it better and scale.

Excited that ATDC is opening it's doors to any technology startup.

The door is open.  Come in.  

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