July 21, 2009 in News from Our Companies

GlobalCrypto Releases Bunkermail

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GlobalCrypto recently announced the release of Bunkermail, an encryption-based file transfer system. BunkerMail is a web based application that enables users to send messages and files to other users that are fully encrypted with the receiver’s keys so that only the intended recipient can unpack the message. Building on top of their RealMe authentication software, Bunkermail uses cryptographic keys embedded into images to make sure files are fully encrypted from the sender’s computer all the way to the receiver’s computer.

Bunkermail is a breeze to use.  Bunkermail looks and feels like web-based e-mail, even with the strong cryptographic security.  Founder and CEO Todd Merrill says, “If you can send a web-based email, you can use Bunkermail.”  Adoption is also easy for your IT staff.

Congrats to Todd and GlobalCrypto on their newest release!

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