July 9, 2009 in ATDC News

How Can I Raise Money For My Startup?

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That’s one of the essential questions we help you answer in our upcoming educational program CapVenture. CapVenture is a six week long, boot camp that will educate and equip early stage CEOs and executives to better manage and fund their business.

If you’re actively seeking funding or ever expect to, this is an essential program for you. You’ll get a inside look at the minds of venture capitalists and angel investors with an experienced team of investors, CEOs and industry executives. You will create a fundraising strategy, practice and sharpen your investor pitch, and at the end of the program, give your pitch in front of a room full of investors.

But CapVenture is not solely focused on fundraising. For entrepreneurs not looking to raise capital, CapVenture offers a unique opportunity to develop their business model, sharpen their go-to-market strategy, and enhance their network by sharing with and learning from a room full of CEOs, executives and investors.

We are still accepting applications to CapVenture through July 15th. So, if you’re interested, or know someone who might be, fill out an application.

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