June 24, 2009 in ATDC News

Liquidity Event Proceeds Calculator

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Entrepreneurs, if you sell your company tomorrow, do you know how much you would make?  Do you know how much your investors make?  How about your employees?  Better yet, you're raising a round of funding and you just received a new term sheet.  How does this change everything?

The Liquidity Event Proceeds Calculator ("LEPC") was developed as a
joint project between the Atlanta Technology Development Center (ATDC)
and Siavage Law Group, LLC with assistance from Atlanta investment
bankers Croft and Bender, LLC. The LEPC provides users with a
comprehensive understanding of the effect of their particular venture
capital deal terms. It allows the user to input valuation, option pool
size, amount of investment, and amount and timing of the liquidity
event in order to customize various scenarios to the company's unique
financing circumstances. The LEPC projects the proceeds to be derived
by common holders, preferred holders and option holders in liquidity
events at varying valuations and varying time periods. The assumptions
are listed on the first page and the tool proceeds through three
pro-forma rounds of funding, A, B and C. In order to gain a working
understanding of the tool, we recommend that users review the
spreadsheets as written first before they modify the assumptions to
suit their needs. Each of the rounds has a pro-forma liquidity event at
increasing dollar values that can be modified by the user.

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