June 10, 2009 in News from Our Companies

Watch Solo-Health on CNBC

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Solo-Health is positioning to become the world’s leader in self-service health screening, with an initial market focus on eye health. Watch Solo-Health’s EyeSite self-service vision testing and new patient generating kiosk product at work in a segment on CNBC’s “Street Signs” with Erin Burnett to see for yourself.

ATDC is happy to say that CNBC spotted Solo-Health by following ATDC’s blog, PeachSeedz. If you want to be “in the know on emerging growth companies” like CNBC does, subscribe to our blog now.

Solo-Health is on the move. They recently announced a partnership with leading eye care companies including Transitions Optical, Inc., and Optos to deploy a large number of its award-winning EyeSite kiosks in a major US market this summer while simultaneously closing on a round of angel capital.

If you want to check out EyeSite™ kiosks for yourself, make a visit to the Disco Kroger on Piedmont Road and take just 5 minutes to assess your near and far vision, schedule an appointment with a local eye doctor, and learn about general eye health conditions.

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