April 6, 2009 in News from Our Companies

Measure Video Quality With ATDC’s Newest Member, VQLink

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We are proud to announce VQLink as the latest member to be accepted at the ATDC. VQLink provides the capability to automatically measure video quality without comparing it with the source video, and yet in a way that closely mimics the way humans perceive artifacted video. This patent-pending technology meets broad need in the industry as consumer demand for HD video ramps up. Service providers are looking to maximize the quality and number of HD channels they offer while minimizing capital investment and customer churn. In this context, the industry has expressed a broad need for an authentic and location-agile way of measuring video quality as perceived by the end-user.

We are excited to have several serial entrepreneurs return to ATDC with VQLink. The co-founder and CEO is GRA Eminent Scholar Nikil Jayant (formerly of EGT) and Daniel Howard is the CTO (formerly of Digital Furnace). Co-founders Nitin Suresh (Video Architect, whose PhD research at Georgia Tech provides core technology for VQLink) and Pravin Mane (Software Architect, formerly of Intel) complete the initial line-up of VQLink principals. VQLink is graduating from VentureLab in April 2009 and will continue their operations in Technology Square as an ATDC company.

Please join us in welcoming VQLink to the ATDC Community!

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