March 26, 2009 in News from Our Companies

Purewire Is A DEMOgod

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At DEMO earlier this month, Purewire launched PurewireTrust, a free Web app where users can go to verify the reputations of the
people, places (URLs), and things (Web apps) they interact with online.  In a presentation described by BusinessWeek as incredibly smooth, Dr. Paul Judge showed a snapshot view into what Purewire Web Security Service provides on the back-end to enterprises that purchase its security-as-a-service offering.  PurewireTrust is being offered free to the online community to raise awareness on the importance of understanding those interactions in order to bring safety and trust back to online communication, collaboration and commerce.

Dr. Paul Judge's impassioned presentation, which you can watch below, won a DEMOgod award


Purewire Trust is in open beta and anyone can now create a profile and share their Trust Badge.

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