November 30, 1999 in News from Our Companies

Zenda Technologies joins ATDC

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Zenda Technologies provides a quick screening device for the earliest signs of Alzheimer's Disease, a condition affecting 5 million Americans today, with expectations of 15 million by 2050.  Zenda’s device is specifically designed for use by primary care physicians to make early detection of Alzheimer’s both practical and affordable – and early detection is key to the initiation of drug therapies to postpone the ill effects of Alzheimer’s.

Zenda TechnologyZenda is the latest company to emerge from Georgia Tech’s VentureLab and join ATDC.  Zenda’s technology is based on over 6 years of research at Georgia Tech and Emory, and has been validated by three major clinical studies.  Zenda’s device consists of a headset that provides visual and auditory isolation, and a handheld input console to record responses.

 Their unique IP is their immersive testing environment that reduces errors, gives more consistent scoring and, most importantly, drastically reduces the amount of time to complete neuropsychological tests.

Zenda is bringing exciting and important technology to market.  We are pleased to welcome them to ATDC.

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